About BagMaster


Rake stuff straight into the bag. Simple. FAST!

I couldn't find a product for filling large plastic bags that really worked, so I set about to develop one that would meet my criteria for an effective tool for filling bags, i.e., a tool with the strength to hold without ripping or tearing the bag, one that would be safe and ergonomic for its user, and one which would be strong, durable, versatile and affordable.   BagMaster is the result.   


BagMaster lifts 50 lbs. by the handle.

Most of the stuff you bag doesn't come anywhere near 50 lb., but it's good to know the BagMaster holds the bag securely.


BagMaster conquers litter.

  • It puts the bag opening close to the litter.   
  • Its opening can be expanded for large items of litter. 
  • Not having to touch litter is safer.  
  • Tie a knot in the bottom of the bag, it works even better for litter.  
  • You can use the knot as a handle to empty and reuse the bag until it wears out.